2016/02/03 Info - Bicycle Touring in Taiwan

Taiwan government in the past few years has been trying to promote its beautiful sight seeing places to new group of people - the cyclists. The promotion campaigns have been seen on international news medias, like CNN or Forbes, and many other places on social medias, Facebook or Youtube. The results are quite impressive and more people get to know Taiwan as a good destination for riding bicycle or attending cycling events. There are many independent biking tourists bring their own bikes to Taiwan and many others have decided to rent bicycles from places in Taipei or Hualien so they do not have to worry about carrying too much stuff and paying extra for the luggage fees. If you are interested in getting more information about how to prepare your biking tour in Taiwan, there are handful of information or tips that we would like to share with you. Please find more detail on our website or leave us a message at any time. We look forward to see you in Taiwan very soon!!

2016/01/13 Info - Sun Moon Lake Bike Rental

In recent years, cycling has sprung up as the hottest hobby in Sun Moon Lake. Here, tourists can enjoy the beautiful lake views with the lake bikeways and paths built. Shower services and lake bikeway map are available at most bike rental shop to ensure a wonderful time for cycling lovers seeking either challenges or a relaxing cycling experience. Special and brand-name bikes like Giant and Merida both have their own rental places, and if you are looking for double bike and e-bikes, it is not difficult to find either. Biking gives you a guarantee of different experience than travelling  by bus.

2016/01/10 Taipei News -Velocity 2016 in Taipei, Mayor promoting the event by doing it right!!

Taipei Mayor, KoP as people called, has completed an incredible challenge to complete a 380km biking ride in less than 20 hours from Taipei to Kaohsiung. There are more crazy challenges had been done before, but for a non-professional, 56 years-old former doctor and newly elected Capital city mayor, that is something extraordinary!!