Arrange your five (5) days bike tour in Taiwan

We often received inquiries about how to plan a bicycle trip in Taiwan. Therefore, I plan to make suggestions/templates for those who are interested in visiting Taiwan by bike, but do not intend to hire a bike guide to accompany them for whatever reason they may have.

All trip planning starts from some basic questions as follows,

  • how many days are planned the trip
  • how many people are in the group
    • what is the level of cycling experience of each individual
    • where would you start the trip
    • when would you start this tour
    • how do you plan to have the bike
    • how do you transport your luggages
    • what types of accommodations would you need
    • what sort of scenes are more attractive to you, i.e. food, culture, nature, sea, mountain, and etc.
    • LAST but NEVER LEAST, what is your budget

In fact, there are many questions to be answered and everyone should have her/his own answers. Therefore, the following information sharing is based on my own assumptions and own experiences, so no critics are necessary. Take it if it suits you, and simply click away if it appears to be junk to you. ^_^

An example of five days trip by bicycle in Taiwan, and you want to experience the best and most of Taiwan. This trip starts from Hualien and goes along the rift valley part of eastern Taiwan and then cross the Coastal Mountain to east coast side of Taitung before entering the Southern cross island route to ShouKa and strolling down to the Southern Peninsula of  HengChun and Kenting. 

There are two types of maps attached that we have used most often in our own planning.

First one is the Bikemap, which can really show you the routes in details distance and also the elevations so you would not under estimate the daily ride by imaging that all the routes in this small island should be flat. 

Second one is the Google Map where you can find the suggested start and end points for each day and of course the place that might be interested to stop and take photos while resting and regain your energy.

Biking Taiwan five days trip plan - Hualien, Taitung, Pingtung

A Route Planning Example from Taipei to Yilan

This route take you from Taipei City Center (Train Station) throught the beautiful riverside bike path, and then entering the moutain which leads you to the western side of Taiwan, Yilan County. Jiaosi is famous for its hotspring, so it is wonderful to find an accomdation with hotspring facilities to relax and recover the energy for passing the mountain.

Biking Tour in Taiwan - Top 10 Classic Cycling Routes 2015

This campaign highlights the main theme of "H.A.P.P.Y." which includes the main spirits of cycling,
  H - Health
  A - Accessibility
  P - Participation
  P - Popularity
  Y - Youthfulness

Everyone could participate in the selection as everyone could enjoy riding bicycle at any time.
It has selected 10 most beautiful cycling routes that characterize the unique nature and culture of Taiwan. Also, there are some special routes which may not be awarded in the top 10 biking route, but definitely worth a visit are categorized and named in other awards.

Award for People's Choice - Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County

Award for Great Potential - Puzi River, Chiayi County

Special Award in View of Friendly Design for Universal Access - Taipei Riverside, Taipei City

Special Award in View of the Diversity of the Seasonal Scenery - Houbi and Baihe, Tainan City

Award for Honorable Mention -

  • Erzhong Loop, New Taipei City
  • 17 kilometer Coastline, Hsinchu City
  • Green Light Sea Breeze Path, Miaoli County
  • Love River and Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung City
  • Taitung City Loop, Taitung County
  • Guanshan Town, Taitung County

Top 10 Classic Cycling Routes -

  • Taipei Riverside, Taipei City
  • Old Caoling Tunnel, New Taipei City and Yilan City
  • Danshui River Left Bank, New Taipei City
  • Dahan and Sindian River, New Taipei City
  • Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County
  • Jiji Green Bike Way, Nantou County
  • Dapeng Bay, Pingtung County
  • Dapo Pond and Chisan, Taitung County
  • Dongshan River, Yilan County
  • Dongfeng and HoFeng Green Passage, Taichung City

This 10 classic routes stand our from keen competition, and each can impress you with its stunning attraction from ecological charm to cultural interest. We sincerely invite you to personally experience these 10 classic cycling routes with your own bikes, and let them bring you not only health and enjoyment but also the chances to closely witness the nicety of Taiwan.

In 2015, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of the Interior, local governments, universities, and NGOs all worked together to hold the first official cycling route selection campaign in Taiwan.

This is the first official cycling route selection campaign in Taiwan. Biking Tour has gain its popularity since 2007 and still growing in this island. We sincerely invite you to personally experience these classic biking paths and witness the beauty of Formosa.

Bicycles made in Taiwan

Many people may not know Taiwan, but they have heard Giant or Merida if they are into the cycling events or tours. It is simply because of the quality/performace vesus price, both are good choices to make, but what is important is that both brands are made in Taiwan. Bring the biggest competitor in the same industry to each other, they have gradually seperate themselves into two different focus field.

Giant supplies a lot of road bikes which aim for the top speed and light weigh in major competitions. 

Merida supplies more models of mountain bikes which are oftenly seen in rough conditions or outdoor activities. 

There is a new trend of Taiwan bicycle manufacturers to design beautiful and nice urban city bikes for simply strolling around or daily commute to school or work.


This may have been popular in Europe, but it is only recent years that Taiwanese adopt to this type of biking. Thanks to the well developed biking routes in the city, especially Taipei and New Taipei, stylish new bikes are available in many independent design shops. We reaally love it and that gives more choices other than Giant and Merida. Next time, if you travel to Taiwan, maybe it is interesting to arrange a tour only visiting bike shops and factories.


for more information, always check  Biking Taiwan Website or Biking Taiwan FB Page