Taiwan Cycling Festival

Every year Taiwanese government would arrange a series of events for people who enjoy cycling or are interested in getting into this activity to participate in many ways.

Taiwan Cycling Festival is not  only a one-day event, but it usually starts from late Summer time and goes all the way to early Winter time. One of the most famous events, but not anyone can register and ride, is the Taiwan KOM. More and more foreign cyclists are invited to join this challenge since it has its unique charm and difficulty comparing to other KOM in the world. 

Let's take a quick look back on what had happened last year in 2017, and hope you would be able to join one of the events during 2018 Taiwan Cycling Festival.

Weekend bike ride in Taichung

It had been raining a lot in the past week, and now finally a sunny day for us to take the road bike out again to do a little bit of training. 


If you live in Taichung and cycling in the city a lot, these two places that we will ride should not be unfamiliar to you since they are very easy to access and the hilly part is famous among cyclists in Taichung. Check out the route map with the link below.

The FaZiXi bikeway is a biking route that is not popular to all family or commerciliazed as other main bikeways in Taichung, but it is special because it well uses the space under the Taiwan High Speed Rail trails.


You can ride along the FaZiXi waterside and at the end of this bikeway, you will arrive at Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), where the multi-billion dollars of business are conducted and goods produced every year.


There is a nice park inside CTSP where people can go jogging, biking, playing softballs, and many other lesiure activities. And you can see Taichung city from a higher point and knwing how well this city is developed. 


Starting from this park, you will begin the challenge of climbing SongSu Puo (literally meaning Squirrels Hill), a 2.1km distance of average 5% steep climbing 114m and steepest part is 13%.


There is a big black board for the challengers to sign off when they complete this.  

Cogratulation to whoever have done it witout stopping on the way up. 😎🎉

You can check out our video to find out how to plan your next ride in Taichung.


Is it a dream or is it a challenge to cycling around Taiwan?

The most difficult part of biking around Taiwan is having the determination and self-confidence needed to do it. If you think that you lack either of these attributes, just remember the story of
King Liu, who is the president of Giant, the GIANT bicycle manufacturing company. He was eighty years old when he completed a twelve-day trip cycling around Taiwan. Of course, before you set out you should consult with your doctor; if he gives you permission, then you only need to worry about how much determination you have.

One of the advantages of riding around Taiwan is that you can determine your own itinerary, so if you feel tired you can take more time but if you feel strong you can ride longer. If you lack fitness or want to take your time for sightseeing, then plan for your round-the-island trip to take between seven and twelve days. If you average of about ninety kilometers per day, with an average speed of 20 km/h for 4-6 hours a day, you’ll reach your goal of riding a bike around the island in Taiwan.

iBike - rent a bike in Taichung

The Taichung City Government Department of Transportation in order to encourage citizens to use bikes as short-distance transit vehicles, launched the Program of the “Establishment, Operation and Management of the Bike Sharing System”, in the hope that by equipping a urban bike lane network with a bike station service, encouraging citizens to use low-pollution and low-energy-consumption Bike Sharing as short-distance transit vehicles and reducing and replacing personal possession and use of motor vehicles, traffic congestion, environmental pollution and energy loss in the city will be improved.

In the hope of elevating life and culture in the city and in response to a global trend of energy conservation and carbon mitigation, the Taichung City Government, in collaboration with Giant Taiwan, initiated the Taichung City Bike Sharing System Service Plan, using this name "iBike".

iBike uses an electronic unmanned automated management system to provide “ A Leases and B Returns” bike rental service. Government hopes that bikes will be chosen as the last-mile public transit vehicle and more citizens will be glad to use the mass transit system and meanwhile, environmental protection and energy conservation will be achieved and a new commuting culture will emerge.

Renting - as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Rent with a card
Before selecting a bicycle, please check the tire pressure, brakes, and lights to confirm they are functioning properly. In case of malfunctions, please turn the seat around and select another vehicle. If the vehicle is functioning properly, then use a registered card on the sensor pad on the dock to confirm your rental.

2. Check the indicator light
When the green indicator light starts blinking and emits a beeping sound, you can then retrieve the vehicle.

3. Pull the bike backwards
Make sure the head handlers are in their straight-up position, and then pull on the handlers backwards with both hands to retrieve the vehicle.

Returning - as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Push the bike in
Select an empty dock indicated by a blue light, align the head of your vehicle to the white lines on the ground, aim the bicycle lock to its docking port, then push the bike all the way in.

2. Confirm locking
After the bike lock is properly docked to its port, there will be a loud clicking sound. Shift the vehicle back and front slightly to make sure it is properly locked.

3. Return with the Card
After the blue light on the dock blinks and emits a beeping sound, please use your card on the sensor pad on the dock to pay the rental fee. When the indicator light switches back to green, then return process is completed.


$10NT per 30min within the first 4 hours.
$20NT per 30min between 4 to 8 hours.
$40NT per 30min exceeding 8 hours.

Free for first 30min if you are registered with an Easycard (Yoyocard)

iBike Tour: City Biking and Visiting in Taichung

Trip Overview

iBike is the public bicycle sharing system in Taichung that everyone can easily access. (therefore, knowing how to ride a bike is the minimum requirement for you to sign up for the tour). Come and enjoy this green biking tour to get to know some major attractions in this beautiful city.



  • Comprehensive tour of the city
  • Great overview and orientation of the city
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors
  • Private guide for a more personalized experience

What to Expect

At 9:30am, we will meet at Maple Valley Park iBike Station. Riding bikes along the roads of the city in an extremely slow pace, and enjoying sunshine and healthy exercise while discovering this young city in Taiwan. Our biking tour starts from the modern side of the city and then slowly move to the historical side of it, so you will see everything that you need to see to proudly tell others that you have been to Taichung.

We will be visiting or cycling by below major attractions in the city:

  • Maple Valley Park (Maple Garden)
  • National Taichung Theater (Taichung Metropolitan Opera House)
  • Wenxin Forest Park & Fulfillment Amphitheater
  • Museum of Natural Science and Technology
  • Calligraphy Greenway
  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  • Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center
  • Taichung Park
  • Taichung Railway Station

There are convenient stores everywhere on the way, so no need to carry a lot of food or water supplies with you. Just come and enjoy and to have most fun out of this wonderful biking experience! In the end of this bike tour, we will sit in at the origin of bubble tea shop and enjoy a cup of famous Taiwan bubble tea.

Join Now!

iBike Taichung - Video Intro

Taichung city is the third largest city in Taiwan. It had implemented public bicycle sharing system since three years ago and getting its poupularity more and more in these days. You can see a lot of people riding iBike on the street during weekends and students riding to school on the week days. Biking is the best pace to get around the city centers. So we created a biking tour that everyone can join and get to know this city here and there in just one day. 

iBike Taichung (1) - Biking Taiwan tour in Taichung

Maple Valley Park (Maple Garden) in Taichung, Taiwan


No matter which season it is, walking in the Maple Valley Park is a visual enjoyment! Located next to Taiwan Boulevard in Taichung City, Maple Valley Park is a unique U-shaped recreational greenland for the city residents. It has an area of 3 hectares, and contains a lake, red trees, green grass, and observatory bridge. It is a great place for talking a walk, going on a date, and exercising. During the day, there is comforting greenness, and at night, it is filled with sleepless lighting. It has rapidly become one of the most famous scenic spots in Taichung.


Maple Valley Park was actually existed from a beautiful mistake, and now not only serving as a park but also functioning as a unique large detention pond for Taichung city to prevent flooding in case of heavy rainfalls.


Maple Valley Park is the start point of our biking tour in Taichung City, and we invite you to enjoy and explore this city by cycling with the public sharing system, iBike. 

Find out more  about iBike Taichung City Tour 

Biking in Taichung City, Taiwan

Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan, and it's history can actually traced back to the 16th century. During the past 400 years period, Taichung has passed through Qing dynasty rule and Japanese colonial era, contributing to its rich, distinctive local culture and festivals. Taichung's natural resources and diverse ethnic make-up have generated an abundance of unique local specialties, including authentic Taiwanese dishes, Hakka cuisine and international fine dinnings.  


Biking is the easiest way to go around the city and explore the beautiful small corners that typical tourists would not visit. If you travel with your own bike like me, there are two starting points recommended, Taichung train station if by train or Maple Valley Park (Maple Garden) if by bus.


Taichung station represents more historical side of the city. Within that district, you can find many historical sites including the iconic Taichung Park Pavillion, Traditional markets, and old city halls, and so on. This area tells you how this city was stared and how important it was to connect northern and southern by playing its role. Take a short biking tour in this place can easily spend half day and you can then move on toward the new center of the city to discover more new and fancy surroundings.


iBike is the name of the public bike sharing system in Taichung (but using same system as UBike in Taipei), so even visitors without bicycle can enjoy riding the bikes in Taichung. All you need is to purchase an Yoyo Card (Easy Card) from any convenient stores and register it at the iBike station kiosk, then you are ready to go. If you find it troublesome to get the Easycard, you can also use your credit card to register and rent iBike at any time! 

there are many places that you can go around within the city and arranging one day to really see this city would be suggested. Next time, plan your trip with us and do not miss the great places to Biking Taiwan.

Taichung is home to the bicycle giant, Giant!

Taichung is home to the bicycle giant, Giant!