A Route Planning Example within Hualien

We would not ride much in this day, but there are three places that you must visit during this journey. First one is the Guangfu Sugar Refinery (old), where you can find some artichtechs left from Japen ruling era. Second one is the Mataian village where you should taste the aboriginal cuisine and experience different culture of Taiwan. Last but not least is the Dafu planned forest where you can immerse youreslf totally in a green environment and without bothering of cars or scooters.

A Route Planning Example within Haulien Sincheng to Shoufong

After spending time in the mountain, you can enjoy your ride again along the pacific coastline. There is a small portion of this route that lead you to a good view of the pacific and the moutain blending together. Make sure you ride on most of the bike paths indicated in this planning so you wont feel bored biking in Hualien, the backyard garden of Taiwan.

A Route Planning Example from Yilan to Hualien

We would call this the most beautiful part of cycling around Taiwan. But it is also the most dangerous part of the complete route since bikers are sharing the same road with heavey traffic, buses and tracks and so on. A lot of people choose to skip by taking a train. Anyways, stop at Sincheng station, so you can plan your visit to the top one attraction in Taiwan, Taroko Gorge. Routine bus operates from this station to the Gorge park and other attractions on the way. 

Biking Taiwan wishes you all the best in traveling in Taiwan.

Is it a dream or is it a challenge to cycling around Taiwan?

The most difficult part of biking around Taiwan is having the determination and self-confidence needed to do it. If you think that you lack either of these attributes, just remember the story of
King Liu, who is the president of Giant, the GIANT bicycle manufacturing company. He was eighty years old when he completed a twelve-day trip cycling around Taiwan. Of course, before you set out you should consult with your doctor; if he gives you permission, then you only need to worry about how much determination you have.

One of the advantages of riding around Taiwan is that you can determine your own itinerary, so if you feel tired you can take more time but if you feel strong you can ride longer. If you lack fitness or want to take your time for sightseeing, then plan for your round-the-island trip to take between seven and twelve days. If you average of about ninety kilometers per day, with an average speed of 20 km/h for 4-6 hours a day, you’ll reach your goal of riding a bike around the island in Taiwan.

Biking Tour in Taiwan - Top 10 Classic Cycling Routes 2015

This campaign highlights the main theme of "H.A.P.P.Y." which includes the main spirits of cycling,
  H - Health
  A - Accessibility
  P - Participation
  P - Popularity
  Y - Youthfulness

Everyone could participate in the selection as everyone could enjoy riding bicycle at any time.
It has selected 10 most beautiful cycling routes that characterize the unique nature and culture of Taiwan. Also, there are some special routes which may not be awarded in the top 10 biking route, but definitely worth a visit are categorized and named in other awards.

Award for People's Choice - Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County

Award for Great Potential - Puzi River, Chiayi County

Special Award in View of Friendly Design for Universal Access - Taipei Riverside, Taipei City

Special Award in View of the Diversity of the Seasonal Scenery - Houbi and Baihe, Tainan City

Award for Honorable Mention -

  • Erzhong Loop, New Taipei City
  • 17 kilometer Coastline, Hsinchu City
  • Green Light Sea Breeze Path, Miaoli County
  • Love River and Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung City
  • Taitung City Loop, Taitung County
  • Guanshan Town, Taitung County

Top 10 Classic Cycling Routes -

  • Taipei Riverside, Taipei City
  • Old Caoling Tunnel, New Taipei City and Yilan City
  • Danshui River Left Bank, New Taipei City
  • Dahan and Sindian River, New Taipei City
  • Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County
  • Jiji Green Bike Way, Nantou County
  • Dapeng Bay, Pingtung County
  • Dapo Pond and Chisan, Taitung County
  • Dongshan River, Yilan County
  • Dongfeng and HoFeng Green Passage, Taichung City

This 10 classic routes stand our from keen competition, and each can impress you with its stunning attraction from ecological charm to cultural interest. We sincerely invite you to personally experience these 10 classic cycling routes with your own bikes, and let them bring you not only health and enjoyment but also the chances to closely witness the nicety of Taiwan.

In 2015, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of the Interior, local governments, universities, and NGOs all worked together to hold the first official cycling route selection campaign in Taiwan.

This is the first official cycling route selection campaign in Taiwan. Biking Tour has gain its popularity since 2007 and still growing in this island. We sincerely invite you to personally experience these classic biking paths and witness the beauty of Formosa.

iBike Tour: City Biking and Visiting in Taichung

Trip Overview

iBike is the public bicycle sharing system in Taichung that everyone can easily access. (therefore, knowing how to ride a bike is the minimum requirement for you to sign up for the tour). Come and enjoy this green biking tour to get to know some major attractions in this beautiful city.



  • Comprehensive tour of the city
  • Great overview and orientation of the city
  • Perfect introduction for first-time visitors
  • Private guide for a more personalized experience

What to Expect

At 9:30am, we will meet at Maple Valley Park iBike Station. Riding bikes along the roads of the city in an extremely slow pace, and enjoying sunshine and healthy exercise while discovering this young city in Taiwan. Our biking tour starts from the modern side of the city and then slowly move to the historical side of it, so you will see everything that you need to see to proudly tell others that you have been to Taichung.

We will be visiting or cycling by below major attractions in the city:

  • Maple Valley Park (Maple Garden)
  • National Taichung Theater (Taichung Metropolitan Opera House)
  • Wenxin Forest Park & Fulfillment Amphitheater
  • Museum of Natural Science and Technology
  • Calligraphy Greenway
  • National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  • Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center
  • Taichung Park
  • Taichung Railway Station

There are convenient stores everywhere on the way, so no need to carry a lot of food or water supplies with you. Just come and enjoy and to have most fun out of this wonderful biking experience! In the end of this bike tour, we will sit in at the origin of bubble tea shop and enjoy a cup of famous Taiwan bubble tea.

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iBike Taichung (4) - Biking Taiwan tour in Taichung

National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung City, Taiwan

As one of the most heavily attended museums in Taiwan, and one of the most attended venues in Taichung, the Museum is in the distinguished company of the National Palace Museum in Taipei and the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung.

Across 9 exquisite hectares, the Museum is a five-venue complex housing the Space IMAX Theater, Science Center, Life Science Hall, Human Cultures Hall (the original Chinese Science Hall), and Global Environment Hall, plus the 4.5-hectare Botanical Garden, the 5-hectare 921 Earthquake Education Museum at Wufong, the 33-hectare Fonghuanggu Ecology Education Park at Lugu, and the 2.6-hectare Chelungpu Fault Preservation Education Park at Chusan. Over 50 permanent exhibit areas covering subjects on astronomy, space science, paleontology, ecology, gems and minerals, human cultures, tropical plants, and geology, the Museum is a place filled with hand-on exhibits that delights children and adults of all ages. As a matter of fact, the Museum is a major science learning center with over half a million school children visiting annually. In addition, rotating special exhibits are a constant occurrence to the Museum.

We will stop at this wonderful museum for about 45 minutes, so visitors could enjoy and relax a bit after first cycling hour. 

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iBike Taichung (3) - Biking Taiwan tour in Taichung

Wenxin (Forest) Park in Taichung, Taiwan


Taiwan is a small island but with high density of population living in the cities. Therefore, most parks you can find in the city are small in size and not to mention with special function within them. Biking lanes are especially rare (hard) to find. Most parks do not allow people to ride bicycles in the park!

But Wenxin Forest Park is the special one. Although it is only 8.86 hectares in size, it does create a two-way bike lanes for people to enjoy biking. You can see many people bring their kids to this park and enjoy quality family time together in the day time. And it is very close to Ikea which people can easily go shopping or simply relax afterward.


Another special function about Wenxin Forest Park is the Fulfillment Amphitheater located inside. This is a large-scale outdoor theater which can accommodate 6000+ people with seats and up to 15000 including the surrounding green grass areas. Since 2006, a wide variety of artistic and cultural events have been held here. It provides not only a venue for top-quality cultural and recreational activities in Taichung, but has also helped to encourage the general public's participation in arts and cultural events.  


Wenxin Forest Park is another point of our biking tour in Taichung City, and we invite you to enjoy and explore this city by cycling with the public sharing system, iBike.

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